Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Madness on Free Money Finance

Oh man, how come so many people write so well?! I'm starting to get an inferiority complex here.

Hurry on over to FMF to read and vote for the latest and the greatest posts from the past few months. I submitted my Minimum Wage post and would love to get your vote! (In fact, I would really really really love it. Thank you!)

Some of my favorite picks from Round 1:

  • Saving Money by NOT Changing your Own Oil - Many people believe they are saving money by changing their automobile's oil themselves. Are they really? Others believe they can only be sure the job's done right if they do it themselves. What's the truth? Let's find out...
(Yay! Someone's giving me a financial reason to avoid learning how to do that!)

  • Your First Million Dollars - To plan to be rich, it takes just that . . . planning. Becoming rich is hard work that requires a great deal of self discipline, basic money management skills, goal setting, focus and diligence. This post breaks down in very simple terms how to build wealth in an easy to follow step-by-step process.
(The charts here got me all excited. Compound interest rocks.. specially after you hit a million dollars!)

  • A little-too-late advice on building wealth - Well, we're all stupid. Some of us stupider than others, but mama always told me stupid is as stupid does. If you can read this list and you haven't messed up all of these points already, you may find a way to destupidify.
(When I can admit I'm being stupid, I will happily take advice to destupidify. I have much to learn.)

  • Personal Finance Is Like Learning to Ride a Bike- There are a lot of extended analogies in personal finance writing - budgeting is like dieting, money management is like football, debt reduction is like a snowball rolling down the hill - but I haven't seen one comparing personal finance to learning to ride a bike. Both personal finance and bike-riding are intimidating to newbies, but everyone can learn how by starting with the basics. This article draws parallels between basic biking skills and basic personal finance principles, hopefully making personal finance more accessible to everyone.
(Outstanding post! Analogies are great and this is one of the best I've come across.)

Help me get to the next round dear readers! And be sure to visit all the other great bloggers I haven't mentioned here.

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