Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February 2008 Blog Statistics

Statistics from my second month of blogging:

Age of the blog: 57 days

From February 1st to 29th

Number of Posts: 12 (pretty lame, sorry)
Number of visitors: 1539 (yesss! blasted past a thousand!)
Pageviews: 2262
Average pages/visit: 1.47 (this is dropping, we were at 1.82 last month)
Bounce rate: 79.08% (yikes! lots of tire kickers... that's ok, I still love you)
New visitors: 64.46% (nice, over 35% of visitors came back, last month was 25%)
Subscribers (that I know how to track): 24 (this has fluctuated quite a bit over the month, people come and go)

Most visited page (other than home): 382 page views What Can I Buy on a $200 per Month Grocery Budget?

Highest single-day traffic: 130 visits on February 12th mostly to What Can I Buy on a $200 per Month Grocery Budget? (almost identical to last month..., obviously many are interested in other people's shopping habits)

Top Traffic Sources (thank you!!)
Lazy Man and Money
Frugal Hacks
The Financial Blogger

Organic search: 124

Blog expenses: $0
Blog income: $6.32 The Inbox Dollars referrals are still giving me a little kick back and now I have a few Adsense Google ads on the site. Hope they're not too annoying.

  • I began experimenting with advertising on the site. It's slow going for now. When I manage to make a penny a day I am pretty thrilled. Don't ask me what a fool I make of myself when someone actually clicks on an ad. :blush:
Thank you all for reading!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Have you tried pay per post? I've earned over $600 in less than 2 months writing simple ads and posting them on my blog. You can see them, I try to remember to put the word AD in the title if you want to see an example.

I am glad your google ads make you money! Mine didn't so I replaced them with CJ ads. They are prettier :)