Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Need $2000: Update

A few weeks ago I talked about needing (or wanting) $2000 for a trip abroad this summer. I had decided that I wouldn't compromise my savings goals and I wouldn't overdraw from my emergency fund and certainly not put it on credit. I outlined ways that I could gather together the money from miscellaneous sources and found that I could only come up with $1600. Now, $1600 is pretty good but I was still short $400. At that point I decided to leave it up to the Universe to deliver.

And boy, did it deliver!

I did my taxes this weekend and it turns out I am getting a sizable refund this year- to the tune of $2200 (and that's not including the economic stimulus rebate). Last year I owed $1500 so this time I wasn't counting on much of a refund. Thank goodness for rental property depreciation and itemized deductions!

One might argue that this isn't really the Universe's doing, it's just me not being fully aware of my financial situation. That's ok. As long as it's a pleasant surprise to me, I will accept it as a gift and rejoice. Yay!

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