Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carnivals and Choices

I've had a slow month of posting and I did not submit any articles to carnivals this week. However, I have been reading through the fabulous posts at Carnival of Money Stories at Collecting My Cash and the Festival of Frugality at No Credit Needed. I think Carnivals are a great way to find new blogs and new perspectives.

I was struck by a number of articles that reminded me of the power of choice. The value I put on choice and individual empowerment and responsibility runs through most of my posts (if it doesn't then I need to become a better writer because I'm certainly thinking about choice whenever I'm writing about money)

Cash Money Life describes an instance where he had to make the choice between what is is right and what is easy.

Small Cents tells us about a friend who is having trouble making the choice to get out of her financial mess in The Grass is Browner on the Other Side of The Fence.

The Wastrel Show has a detailed article about how she and her family set priorities and now live debt free.

Smart Easy Money argues that you don't have to judge someone for the choices they make. Those choices may not work for you but they may be perfectly appropriate for them. Read her thoughts on why she doesn't think living a frugal life means being anti-luxury in Consumerism vs Frugality.

And finally, Quest for Four Pillars gives us an example of how luxurious our lives can actually feel if we choose to take on a different perspective in Living the Good Life as a Custodian.

There are many many worthy articles at these carnivals so be sure to check them out!


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