Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Did I Stop Blogging?

About this time last year I stopped updating my blog.

I'd only been writing for three months, but it had suddenly become like a full-time job. For some reason I felt compelled to keep up with what the other bloggers were saying, to comment on their articles, to submit my posts to carnivals... and I didn't even know why!

I never intended to make a big thing out of this blog. But my fourth post EVER got mentioned on one of the MSN money blogs (wha....?!). That little bit of attention was fun but then it set up a pattern of trying to keep that up.. and that was no fun. Yuck.

So, one day last March I just went back to writing in my paper journal, with my ball point pen, for me. Much better.

But maybe now I'll start posting again. I probably won't go back to commenting on other blogs or submitting to carnivals. And I don't know if I'll have any readers. But that's ok. Nice and slow and mellow.

If you happen to be reading and feel like leaving a comment, go for it. I may or may not respond. If you leave a complimentary comment, it will be much appreciated (who doesn't appreciate some flattery?); if you leave a neutral comment just sharing your thoughts, I will ponder it; if you leave a negative comment blasting me for something I've written, then I may ignore it or delete it.

I'm going back to using this blog for its original purpose! A place for me to play around with my ideas about money. How to live with it. How to love it. How to leave it. How to make more of it. How to give it away. How to experiment with it. How to make it a science. How to make it an art form. Yes, sounds good.

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