Thursday, January 17, 2008

More on How to Live on Minimum Wage

My Minimum Wage post is by far the most visited page on my blog. I guess a lot of people are interested in this topic. I decided to do a little search and gather together some of my favorite posts on the net about minimum wage living.

Please add your favorite links so we can get a good list going! Keep them positive though. We're looking for things that will provide encouragement and ideas for handling a budget (or ideas for getting out of min. wage)

Ten Steps to Financial Success for a Minimum Wage Earner at the Simple Dollar
How to Live on Minimum Wage by Exjackly
How to Get Wealthy on Minimum Wage at Early Retirement Extreme
Saving on Minimum Wage at Tight Fisted Miser
Breaking the Shackles: How to Escape From Minimum Wage at Get Rich Slowly
Minimum Wage Challenge series of posts by L R Johnson
Can You Live off Minimum Wage in Los Angeles? at


Jacob said...

Hey, I just saw you got mentioned on MSN moneycentral:

moneychallenge said...

Holy cow! That totally ROCKS! Thank you for bringing it to my attention Jacob! Woohoo!

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